Poster for Sarah Harvey's Opus Pericardium

Sarah Harvey: Opus Pericardium

Sarah Harvey | Opus Pericardium
In collaboration with Simon C Russell and Tim Yates

Exhibition: Saturday 07 July – Saturday 04 August 2012
Opening Hours: noon – 5pm | Monday to Saturday by informal appointment | RSVP
Late Openings: Every Wednesday | 6 – 8pm – no appointment necessary
SoundFjord, 28 Lawrence Road, London, N15 4ER, UK.

Opus Pericardium is Sarah Harvey’s first major exhibition working in collaboration with composers, Simon C Russell and Tim Yates.

Opus Pericardium is a sci-art project exploring the poetry and topography of the heart made tangible. By translating the rhythm and pulse of life through the digital data of electrocardiogram readings, this piece unearths the secret music of the human heart; sculpting with sound, the heart’s tacit musical language.

Poster for Sarah Harvey's Opus Pericardium

Talk | Meet the Artists and Scientists
Saturday 21 July 2012 | 4pm | Free Entry | RSVP

Sarah Harvey, Simon C Russell, Tim Yates, Professor Peter MacFarlane (Professor of Electrocardiology) and Richard Whale (Senior lecturer atBrighton and Sussex Medical School) speak in detail about the ideas that inspired the work, the ethical and conceptual issues that were raised during research, as well as the progress and outcome of their meticulous research linking artistic practice to scientific research and the confluence of both Science and the Arts.

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