Music: Parts and Labor

The First Annual Graduate Student Conference, Department of Music,
New York University
April 27th – 28th, 2012
NYU Silver Center, Department of Music

Music: Parts and Labor is an integrative, interdisciplinary graduate
student conference that allows professors (faculty from both NYU and
other universities in the New York area) and graduate students to
collaboratively explore the issues of music, its parts and labor, by
working closely in seminars, panels, and a roundtable.
The constitution of a musical work is a topic of much historical
debate in musicological, philosophical, and legal discourses. Music:
Parts and Labor aims to interrogate what is at stake in challenging or
maintaining certain conceptualizations of the musical work by
dismantling it, examining the parts (e.g. intellectual, material) and
labor (e.g. intellectual, material) constitutive of its being. We ask
how thinking through the labor of the musical work itself, as a part
of larger corporeal, cultural, and economic systems provides unique
insight into these often intertwined networks and, in turn, music’s
efficacy and functionality.
We are pleased to welcome Elisabeth LeGuin (UCLA) as the keynote
speaker, as well as Aaron Fox (Columbia), Taoufik Ben-Amor (Columbia),
José Esteban Muñoz (NYU), Anne Stone (CUNY), and Maureen Mahon (NYU)
on a faculty roundtable, and Suzanne G. Cusick (NYU) and J. Martin
Daughtry (NYU) as breakfast seminar leaders.
Refreshments, workshops, and special panels will also be featured.
Please join us!

For more information and a schedule, please visit,
or contact the Organizing Committee Chair, Jessica Schwartz, at