[Conference] Inner Movement: the motor dimension of imagination

University College Ghent, Belgium. 1 – 3rd December, 2011.

This conference explores the role of the moving and gesturing body in the imaginative perception of works of art. Bodily resonance with the way a work of art is or has been created or performed is an essential part of much of our aesthetic experience and appreciation. This kind of ‘inner movement’ is part of our experience of a whole range of works of art, from an implicit tracing of the draftsman’s hand in drawings to an embodied listening in audiovisual works or an explicit feeling of co-embodiment in dance or theatre performances. The notion of ‘inner movement’ refers not to the representation of movement in works of art, but to the constitutive and creative dimension of the motor body in the perception of works of art, and more generally, to the motor dimension of imagination.

Further information is available on the conference website.

[Event] cfp: INTER/actions >>> symposium on interactive electronic music

INTER/actions: Symposium on Interactive Electronic Music

April 10-12, Bangor University School of Music

In collaboration with Electroacoustic Wales, Risk of Shock, GEMINi (Gestural Music Interaction) Research Group and Bangor Sound City.

Featured composers and performers: Karlheinz Essl (Vienna), Lauren Sarah Hayes (Edinburgh), Andrew Lewis (Bangor), Xenia Pestova (Bangor), Pierre-Alexandre Tremblay (Huddersfield),  Ed Wright (Bangor)

INTER/actions is a three-day symposium and mini-festival focusing on performance and interaction in electronic music. We aim to provide an environment to exchange ideas and instigate collaborations for composers, performers, sound artists and music technologists interested in the role of the performer in electronic music, whether in the traditional sense, or audience-as-performer. We are looking for creative proposals for performances, interactive installations and paper sessions.  http://www.riskofshock.org/interactions.html


Call for Proposals: Pieces and Interactive Installations

Deadline: December 16 2011

We invite composers and performers to submit works for instruments and interactive electronics, instruments and fixed media, gestural controllers and interactive sound installations. Compositions and installations submitted must be fully documented with technical performance specifications. A concert recording, studio recording, simulation or video should be submitted, sufficient to give a reasonable idea of the final form of the piece / installation / performance. Please send a link to an online audio excerpt or email an mp3 file along with full technical requirements and a score, if applicable, as well as a short biography (150 words) to muse03@bangor.ac.uk. If you would like to send a hard copy audio CD or audio files on DVD instead, please address to Dr Xenia Pestova, Bangor Unviversity School of Music, College Road, Bangor, Gwynedd LL57 1YY, UK to arrive by the 16th of December 2011.

Performances will be able to make use of the following facilities:

  •  8-channel loudspeaker playback (ATC)
  • Various microphones (including Schoeps Collette and AKG414)
  • Soundcraft mixer with 16+16 inputs (switchable), 16 direct outputs, 8 groups, 2 mix, 4 AUX send, 2 FX send
  • Mac Pro computer with MOTU PCI-424 and 24 I/O interface
  • 3x MOTU 828 FireWire interfaces
  • Large-screen video projection
  • Boesendorfer Imperial Concert Grand Piano

Composers / performers who need additional equipment are requested to bring their own. Composers / performers who make use of their own software (for example, Max patches, SuperCollider) will be expected to take responsibility for installing and operating the software, including providing any libraries that may be required.


Call for Proposals: Papers and Demos

Deadline: December 16 2011

We are open to proposals for 20-minute paper and demo presentations on topics including, but not limited to:

  •  Performance practice in electronic music
  • Gesture
  • New interface design
  • Compositional issues
  • Improvisation in interactive contexts
  • Analysis of interactive work

Please send a 250-word abstract, as well as a short biography (150 words) to muse03@bangor.ac.uk.