Gli Spazi Della Musica 2/2

Open access musicology journal Gli Spazi Della Musica has a number of body-related articles in the “Variazioni” section of the current issue:

Florian Henri Besthorn: The widening, destruction and fusion of sounding bodies. The significance of the body in “experimental chamber music” works by Joerg Widmann

Ethan Allred: Disembodied Identity: Patriotism, Gender, and Homosexuality in Francis Poulenc’s Les Mamelles de Tiresias

Gianpaolo Chiriaco: La polvere e le ossa: voce, memoria, corpo e identita nella cultura musicale afroamericana

Carlo Genova: Giovani e musica dal vivo. Suoni, corpi e immagini nello spazio

I’ll be adding them to the Body | Music | Technology Zotero group later today. There are lots of other interesting references on there, too. Do consider joining!

[Event] Resonant Bodies: Landscapes of Acoustic Tension

ICI Berlin
13-15 June 2013


When a solid body meets its natural resonant frequency, it violently vibrates and breaks into pieces. What happens when the human body meets its resonant frequencies? Mostly a combination of soft tissue and water, the human body is not one solid object. It includes a variety of molecules each of which has a different resonant frequency. Yet the soft tissue and water do not allow these molecules to be completely destroyed. Instead, the human body’s liquidity and elasticity perpetuate the fundamental principle of acoustic resonance: holding a multitude of similar frequencies neither as precisely same nor as perfectly different. For the very same reason perhaps, the human body is involved in a constant reciprocity with its sonic environment. Knowingly or unknowingly, it vibrates with multiple other bodies. Without any necessary physical contact, it matches its resonant frequencies from a distance. Acoustic resonance draws a particular proximity between one’s physical location and his/her phenomenal extension to another.

Consider this proximity acoustic tension, a case of mental distance despite the physical closeness, and equally, a case of mental closeness despite the physical distance. Then picture acoustic resonance as a landscape of acoustic tension, a horizontal spectrum of multiple modalities of sounds, which do coincide with one another but which do not necessarily become one. The very act of hearing holds the acoustic tension. When we hear a sound, we are simultaneously moved to and positioned in a place. What happens if acoustic tension is heightened, if we pay close attention to the intensity and volume of sound? What would be the material effects of such sonic embodiment in everyday life? What kind of subjectivity does it enact? What kind of an epistemology does acoustic tension evoke, mirror and transform? And how do our resonant bodies function in understanding the self’s relation to its external world? The symposium will explore these questions by marking three landscapes of acoustic tension: sensory ecologies of hearing, materiality of voice, language and speech, and affective states of sound.

The conference is organised by Zeynep Bulut (ICI Berlin), Claudia Peppel (ICI Berlin), and Brandon LaBelle (Bergen Academy of Art and Design).

Silencer by Suzi Tibbetts

Sounding Bodies

I just got back from a frantic week of painting, drilling, and running around trying to find cable ties, a.k.a. curating my first show. Sounding Bodies is now installed and open to the public!

Sounding Bodies, part of Fringe Arts Bath’s 2012 Festival, brings together the work of six artists whose practices span electroacoustic composition, audiovisual installation, and mixed media. Asked to respond to the idea of the human body as a producer and receiver of sound, the artists have explored the transgression of boundaries between interior and exterior and self and other. From noise to silence, illness to pleasure, and intimacy to alienation, the works shown in Sounding Bodies explore ways of listening alongside ways of looking; they ask us to look inside, to lend an ear, and to consider sound ‘in the flesh’.

Stacey Sewell
Curator: Sounding Bodies

I’m quite pleased with how it’s turned out. The show is located in the fitting rooms of a disused shop; the cubicles and mirrors lead to a discomfiting feeling of watching oneself listen to another’s body in a space normally reserved for looking at one’s own. A you enter you hear Andrew Hill‘s piece Vox Loop-o, composed from various vocal sounds, before being drawn down into the mouth of Anna Sadler‘s The Other Foreign Body, Camera As Probe. The show also features work by Suzi Tibbetts, Katy Wallwork, Heloise Godfrey and Charlotte Nichol.

Here are some photos so you can have a bit of a sneak preview, but it’s a sound thing y’know so you really should go there and listen . . .

Mummel by Katy Wallwork

Silencer by Suzi Tibbetts

The Other Foreign Body by Anna Sadler

Sounding Bodies
Fringe Arts Bath
35 Stall Street
Bath, UK
25th May – 10th June 2012.

Click to download the artists’ biographies and notes.

[EVENT] Yvon Bonenfant: Beacons

[stolen from the LIVEART list]

“The Beacons extended voice/flashing light performance by Yvon Bonenfant, made with the support of EMPAC and many other partners, will be touring to seven cities in the UK from September 27 – Leeds, London, Bristol, Eastleigh, Exeter, Falmouth, Glasgow. Media samples, a description, and project info are at: 

“Beacons  is an emotional journey through voice and projections. The piece takes the audience right inside sounds, images, and narratives of love and longing, of wonder, and of reaching out to those we miss, in an audiovisual experience that is as special as it is unique. The astonishing range and sensuality of the voice of Yvon Bonenfant form the sonic core of the show. Alongside this, the engaging, enchanting video landscapes by video artist David Shearing – replete with flashing motorway works lights, antenna beacons, images of ocean buoys and lighthouses – take the audience deep inside a world of visual poetry that explores the ways we humans signal to one another.”

Dates are:

stage@leeds: 27 September 7.30pm
0113 343 8730

Rich Mix: 6 October 7.30pm
020 7613 7498

Arnolfini: 7 October 7.30pm
0117 917 2300

The Point, Eastleigh: 13 October 7.30pm
023 8065 2333

Exeter Phoenix: 18 October  8pm
01392 667080

The Performance Centre – University College Falmouth: 21 October 7:30 pm
01872 262466

Arches: 24 October 7.30pm
0141 565 1000