[EVENT] noise=noise

[stolen from SANLIST]
noise=noise “Bio signal noise, music for flesh, psychosis attacks, the body is integrated”.
Featuring performances by:

Atau Tanaka“Concrete Corps is a musical concert performance for performer and bio-electrical interface as musical instrument. The instrument in question is the BioMuse, a sensor interface captures electromyogram (EMG) biosignals reflecting muscle tension. Biomedical electrodes make electrical contact with the skin, detecting electrical impulses of neurons as the brain commands voluntary muscle contraction.”

Marinos Koutsomichalis“Sygxysis – a disturbance of psychological or mental health, psychological unrest, unrestful vexation) is a study in complexity using recursive stochastic noise generators. Sygxysis attacks the audience with intense spectra to enact situations of discomfort and psychological unrest, setting this way both body and consciousness into a constant state of alert and resulting in a profound awareness shift.

Ryan Jordan“The audio static buzz and noise is momentarily hijacked as stray pirate radio frequencies are channelled and received through human flesh and bone.”

Marco Donnarumma“Music for Flesh II is a seamless mediation between human biophysical potential and algorithmic composition. By enabling a computer to sense and interact with the muscular potential of human tissues, the work approaches the biological body as a means for computational artistry.”

Monday August 15th
£5 suggested donation
rough bar

nnnnn Unit 73a, Regent Studios, 8 Andrew’s Road, E8 4QN
(get in the lift and go to the 7th floor, turn right and its the second unit)