Silencer by Suzi Tibbetts

Sounding Bodies

I just got back from a frantic week of painting, drilling, and running around trying to find cable ties, a.k.a. curating my first show. Sounding Bodies is now installed and open to the public!

Sounding Bodies, part of Fringe Arts Bath’s 2012 Festival, brings together the work of six artists whose practices span electroacoustic composition, audiovisual installation, and mixed media. Asked to respond to the idea of the human body as a producer and receiver of sound, the artists have explored the transgression of boundaries between interior and exterior and self and other. From noise to silence, illness to pleasure, and intimacy to alienation, the works shown in Sounding Bodies explore ways of listening alongside ways of looking; they ask us to look inside, to lend an ear, and to consider sound ‘in the flesh’.

Stacey Sewell
Curator: Sounding Bodies

I’m quite pleased with how it’s turned out. The show is located in the fitting rooms of a disused shop; the cubicles and mirrors lead to a discomfiting feeling of watching oneself listen to another’s body in a space normally reserved for looking at one’s own. A you enter you hear Andrew Hill‘s piece Vox Loop-o, composed from various vocal sounds, before being drawn down into the mouth of Anna Sadler‘s The Other Foreign Body, Camera As Probe. The show also features work by Suzi Tibbetts, Katy Wallwork, Heloise Godfrey and Charlotte Nichol.

Here are some photos so you can have a bit of a sneak preview, but it’s a sound thing y’know so you really should go there and listen . . .

Mummel by Katy Wallwork

Silencer by Suzi Tibbetts

The Other Foreign Body by Anna Sadler

Sounding Bodies
Fringe Arts Bath
35 Stall Street
Bath, UK
25th May – 10th June 2012.

Click to download the artists’ biographies and notes.

Manifold Motion’s Compos Mentis

Readers in or near Seattle might like to know about Manifold Motion’s latest performance, Compos Mentis. The multidisciplinary performance company has created an evening-length work that uses real-time biofeedback technology to measure the mean heartbeat of the audience and determine the pulse of the dance. They should be pleased I can’t make it though, as my pre-thesis-submission heartrate would have them racing around at a million miles an hour! [Edited to say: The source I read that described how the piece uses biofeedback was, in fact, wrong *grumble* *moan* *self-note about applying proper research methods to blog*. See comment below to find out how the piece actually works. Apologies to Manifold Motion for messing up! — Stacey]

Compos Mentis
March 16-18 & 23-25, 2012
8pm (7pm Sundays)
Washington Hall
153 14th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98122