Biblioblography #2

Confession #1: I’m fascinated by developments in digital humanities. From database projects (such as MuseData or DIAMM) to tools for searching and analysing the material held in them (such as Music21, for example). I love crowd-sourced and citizen science, although – Confession #2 – I’m much more interested in than the more obviously humanistic Ancient Lives project. But I think one of the simplest pleasures offered by digital humanities (very broadly conceived) is to connect with, and share discussions with, other researchers without being in the same physical space. This is particularly important to me now that I’ve finished my PhD and I’m no longer based on a university campus.*

With all this in mind (not that we have any of those pesky mind/body dualisms over here at bodies|sounds|technologies, of course) I have migrated the b|s|t bibliography over to Zotero. The CiteULike page will stay, but I won’t be updating it. I hope that the new Zotero group will double as a discussion forum, as well as allowing members to add to the pool of reference materials (you’re more than welcome to cite your own research, btw). As I’m still figuring out the finer points of how it all works, feel free to email me if you discover that the group settings somehow stop you from joining in.


* Confession #3: I work in a university but not, at present, in a research role. I love my job, but sadly it’s in a very small university that doesn’t have a music department.

Remote Encounters: Programme Announced

The programme for April’s Remote Encounters conference has just been announced. With paper sessions on embodiment and identity in networked performances, augmented and mediated bodies, and performances themed around ‘impossible bodies’, there should be plenty for us body-technology-musicologists (body-sound-technologists? techno-sono-somatists?) to get our teeth into. That said, I’m not sure I can make it due to a prior committment on those dates . . . telepresence is somewhat more difficult outside of the black box. Go for me. Please send postcards.