[Event] TEI’13

Seventh International Conference on
Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction
February 10-13, 2013. Barcelona, Spain
Papers, performances and workshops.


Norbert Schnell & Frederic Bevilacqua: Body and Sound – Tangible Interfaces in Music Listening and Performance

Monday, February 11th

The recent availability of both affordable motion capture technology and mobile platforms, allows for creating a new generation of musical instruments and interactive audio applications. These systems are currently redefining the boundaries between music listening and music performance. On one hand, new devices and applications, enable music listening as an active participation in musical interpretation and composition. On the other hand, new digital musical instruments integrate notions of perception, generativity, and collaboration, questioning the performance practices and functions of traditional instruments.

In this context, the design of novel instruments and interactive audio applications becomes the exploration of infinite possibilities to create relationships between bodily action, physical objects, sound, and musical structures.

Design, here may relay on existing – musical and extra-musical – metaphors and bodily knowledge as well as on abstract concepts and topologies.

The musical interaction scenarios and playing techniques that we have developed over the past years involve everyday objects and games as well as free gestures that have been created by listeners in response to sound and music. Our presentation will include numerous examples, such as the MO, Modular Musical Objects, and Urban Musical Game featuring playful collaborative interaction scenarios.

Bill Verplanck: Metaphors, Haptics and Celebration

Closing keynote on Wednesday, February 13th

I will discuss METAPHORS for interaction and how HAPTICS is involved. Reflecting on Monday’s TEI Student Design Challenge I will review what a CELEBRATION of tangibility might be.

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