[Event] Sonorities: The Body’s Music

Good news for readers of this blog; there are a number of exciting body & sound-focussed events coming up. Among them is the Sonorities Festival in Belfast, which takes ‘The Body’s Music’ as its theme for 2012. The festival is set to feature some intriguing performances (including works from Atau Tanaka and Evan Parker) and fascinating papers (including keynotes from Susan Kozel and Benjamin Knapp).

The Sonorities Festival is the longest-running new music festival in Ireland and is one of the cornerstone Festivals in Europe presenting innovative new music.   Run by the School of Creative Arts and the Sonic Arts Research Centre at Queen’s University Belfast, the Festival has always brought to Northern Ireland innovative ideas and sounds from across the world and the 2012 Festival is no exception in this regard. We are  hosting a special event which has at its core the theme of The Body’s Music.

As digital technologies permeate and often dominate our daily lives, creative disciplines likewise become influenced, shaped and altered by those technological advances. The body’s relations to musical instruments, its connection and dis-connections with technological devices as well as the ways in which our bodies are being made audible (as well as visual) is a heightened concern for sonic arts practitioners. The grounding of music in / within the body can provide a familiar touchstone for listeners, and represents one of the strategies for engaging a broad spectrum of audience members with contemporary music. Practitioners continue to define and critically examine the threshold conditions between body and instrument and challenge continuities and discontinuities of body, as well as the changing role of the instrument itself.

The international symposia series, Two Thousand +, which has been running alongside the festival since 2006, will be dedicated to theme of The Body’s Music. For the symposium, we seek paper proposals from diverse performance practitioners (from music, dance, theatre and new media) and theorists that put the human body at the centre of their practices.

We are proud to announce dancer, choreographer and philosopher Susan Kozel and BioMuse System creator Ben Knapp as keynote speakers for the symposium.

The festival runs from 22nd – 27th March 2012. The deadline for paper and music proposals is 4th December 2011. For further information check out the Sonorities website.

[Conference] Inner Movement: the motor dimension of imagination

University College Ghent, Belgium. 1 – 3rd December, 2011.

This conference explores the role of the moving and gesturing body in the imaginative perception of works of art. Bodily resonance with the way a work of art is or has been created or performed is an essential part of much of our aesthetic experience and appreciation. This kind of ‘inner movement’ is part of our experience of a whole range of works of art, from an implicit tracing of the draftsman’s hand in drawings to an embodied listening in audiovisual works or an explicit feeling of co-embodiment in dance or theatre performances. The notion of ‘inner movement’ refers not to the representation of movement in works of art, but to the constitutive and creative dimension of the motor body in the perception of works of art, and more generally, to the motor dimension of imagination.

Further information is available on the conference website.

[Event] noise=noise: the body is integrated

[Stolen from SANlist]

leaky dielectrics, bio feedback


live performances from…







11.11.11 8pm-late leaky bar £5

Unit 61 Regent Studios 8 Andrews Road Hackney E8 4QN
London, UK


More details available from the noise=noise / nnnnn website.