Bodytok Quintet at TeManawa Gallery

Bodytok Quintet | The Human Instrument Archive

a sonicsfromscratch production
11 August – 25 November 2012
Level 1, Otago Museum, New Zealand

Bodytok Quintet at TeManawa Gallery

Bodytok Quintet at TeManawa Gallery 2012

“Based on a project initiated in 2005 by Auckland based artist and musician Phil Dadson, Bodytok Quintet explores non-verbal expression through sound with a collection of on-screen performances. Engage with each performer through five interactive screens that showcase the quirky and original noises produced by the individuals involved in the Bodytok project. Each screen responds to your approach, initiating an intriguing performance of body-noise!”

Further information is available on the Otago Museum website. If, like me, you’re a long way from New Zealand then there are some fab little video clips here.