[Conference] Music: Cognition, Technology, Society

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Cornell University

11-13th May 2012

Technology plays a crucial role across a broad spectrum of sonic
activity, offering new cognitive frameworks and reshaping social
networks in ways that challenge the conventional binary of the
individual subject versus the collective. It mediates performance and
listening, provides new modes of analysis, and inspires musical
creation. It conditions our perception of sound as well as our ability
to change it, and is thus both an appropriate tool and topic of aural

The nexus of social, cultural, and political issues in and around
music, cognition, and technology encompasses a range of
interdisciplinary approaches to the question of musical meaning, and
therefore this international conference will draw on a wide range of
scholarship from across multiple disciplines. We hope to integrate,
rather than simply collate, these different methodologies, inviting
papers that attempt to reconcile the hermeneutic and the performative,
the empirical and the abstract. To this end presenters will share
their papers with the other participants in their session two weeks
prior to the conference, in order to foster productive dialogue.

Keynotes will be given by Eric Clarke (University of Oxford), Ichiro
Fujinaga (McGill University) and Carol Krumhansl (Cornell University).
The guest composer will be Tod Machover (Massachusetts Institute of

Abstracts of no more than 300 words must be submitted by 1 February
2012. Drafts of accepted papers must be submitted by 26 April 2012.

Further information is available from www.mcts2012.com