Gli Spazi Della Musica 2/2

Open access musicology journal Gli Spazi Della Musica has a number of body-related articles in the “Variazioni” section of the current issue:

Florian Henri Besthorn: The widening, destruction and fusion of sounding bodies. The significance of the body in “experimental chamber music” works by Joerg Widmann

Ethan Allred: Disembodied Identity: Patriotism, Gender, and Homosexuality in Francis Poulenc’s Les Mamelles de Tiresias

Gianpaolo Chiriaco: La polvere e le ossa: voce, memoria, corpo e identita nella cultura musicale afroamericana

Carlo Genova: Giovani e musica dal vivo. Suoni, corpi e immagini nello spazio

I’ll be adding them to the Body | Music | Technology Zotero group later today. There are lots of other interesting references on there, too. Do consider joining!