Artists and Musicians
Brandon LaBelle
Christof Migone
Miya Masaoka

Liminal, creators of The Organ of Corti.
Marco Donnarumma

Sarah Angliss
Sonic Body, an interactive audio installation.
Neil Luck, a composer drawing explicitly on his own physicality in the construction of his work.
Atau Tanaka
Pamela Z
David Rosenboom
Thought Conductor #2,
by Bruce Gilchrist
Satoshi Morita
Bernhard Leitner

Katy Price, a poet and writer whose work embraces audio technologies.
Steph Ceraso

Melanie Marshall
Body Pixel
Creative Technology Review
Sounding Out!
, a sound studies blog
Michelle Lewis-King
Alexander Refsum Jensenius
#human body @ Everyday Listening
Machinology (Jussi Parikka)
Ear Room: exploring sound in artistic practice
Street Anatomy : anatomy + pop culture
Ekho : women in sonic art

Conferences and Seminars
EvoMUSART, 2nd International Conference on Evolutionary and Biologically Inspired Music, Sound, Art and Design, Vienna 3-5 April 2013
Bodies/Music @ University College Cork
Music, Sensory Ecologies, and the Body @ Harvard University
Coded Perception @ Setup, NL. October – November 2012

Past Events:

Supersonix, an international celebration of the art and science of sound. Included a three-day conference (with panel discussions on Sound and the Body) in partnership with the Society for Literature, Science and the Arts Europe. 21-23 June 2012.
Music and the Body @ University of Hong Kong: March 2012
‘Music and Movement’, British Forum for Ethnomusicology National Graduate Conference @ Insititute of Musical Research, London: 12 -14 September 2012
Inner Movement @ University College Ghent, Belgium: 1 – 3 December  2011
The Musical Body @ IMR, London: April 2009
Sensual Technologies, DRHA, London 2010. Read a copy of my paper here.
Music and the Body Colloquium Series, Brown University: 2008 – 2009

Research Projects and Groups
The Voice and Nothing More, Slade School of Fine Art: January 2009
Music, Living Body and (E)Motion
Sound in Media Culture: aspects of a cultural history of sound
fourMs (Music, Mind, Motion, Machines), University of Oslo
Centre for Sensory Studies, Concordia University, Montreal

Sound and Music
V2_, Institute for Unstable Media

Other Useful Stuff, a guide to digital arts and humanities
Sensory Studies
extensions, the online journal of embodiment and technology from the UCLA Center for Performance Studies
Music and Machines @ Newcastle University:  includes an archive of past events.
Steven Connor’s website includes a fantastic collection of his writings.
Scan, an online journal of media arts culture.
Fritz Kahn’s Body Machines @ the British Library.
School of Noises: interesting sounds in Falmouth, UK.
Biotechnological Performance Practice – a themed edition of CEC’s eContact!
Biofilia Laboratory @ Aalto University
SymbioticA, an artistic laboratory dedicated to the research, learning, critique and hands-on engagement with the life sciences


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