[Publication] Cries from the Guts

Volume 1 / Experiments and Intensities
Winchester, November 2012.
ISBN 978-1-906113-05-6

Edited / curated by Yvon Bonenfant, Will Edmondes & Micah Silver.

Cries from the Guts, the first volume of the Experiments and Intensities series, explores the ways – sometimes gentle and whimsical, sometimes gurgling and grotesque, sometimes elegant and fine, and sometimes chaotic and unrelenting – that a diverse selection of artists engage with the viscerality of sound – from literal, comical and metaphorical perspectives.

Contents: Curatorial-Editorial Statement and Introduction / Yvon Bonenfant // Semiotic Stomach / Ali Cocks // Eating Pipe / Mikael Eriksson // Glis Glis / Laura Maes // Guts / Takahashi’s Shellfish Concern // Music for Flesh II / Marco Donarumma // MCVox / Melanie Chilianis // VUST! / Lawrence Upton & Benedict Taylor // The Hagia Sofia / Sirpa Jokinen.

Hear it here.

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