Bob Ostertag

[Event] Bob Ostertag Masterclass and Concert

July 13 & 14

Fee: 25 euros (including concert)
STEIM: Achtergracht 19, 1017WL Amsterdam, NL

3 Solo Sets by: Bob Ostertag, Jaap Blonk, Jonathan Reus
July 14
Charge: 5 euros
Start: 20:30
Address: STEIM: Utrechtsedwaarsstraat 134, 1017WK Amsterdam, NL


Bob Ostertag


Composer, performer, historian, instrument builder, journalist, activist, kayak instructor, Bob Ostertag’s work cannot easily be summarized or pigeon-holed. He has published 21 CDs of music, two movies, two DVDs, and three books. His writings on contemporary politics have been published on every continent and in many languages. Electronic instruments of his own design are at the cutting edge of both music and video performance technology.

The 2 day program will feature a series of lectures and intimate discussion sessions between Ostertag and the participants. On the evening of July 14, there will be a special concert by Bob, and brand new work by Jaap Blonk and Jonathan Reus.

More info is available on the STEIM website.

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