Her Noise Archive and Symposium

I first came across Her Noise  way back when I was an MA student struggling with questions relating to gender, the body and the kinds of sounds that music theory just couldn’t handle (seven years later, I’m still looking for the answers … and my list of questions has grown considerably!).  It’s great news that Electra and London College of Communication have been developing the Her Noise archive, and even better news that they are organising a symposium.

Her Noise: feminisms and the sonic

3-5 May 2012
Tate Modern

A three day event investigating feminist discourses in sound, launching with a performance and talk by Pauline Oliveros. The symposium, which brings together contributions by leadings artists, performers, theoreticians and writers aims to provide a platform to further develop these emergent feminist discourses in sound and music, with an emphasis on tactics that challenge and / or infiltrate canonical readings. The event marks the donation of the Her Noise Archive to University of the Arts London Archives and Special Collections housed at London College of Communication, and is realised as a collaboration between Electra, CRiSAP (Creative Research in Sound Arts Practice) and Tate.

Further info on the Her Noise project is available from Electra. I’ll leave you to check that out while I dash off to buy a train ticket!


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