Interactive Instruments and Embodied Learning Experiences

Rostratt: The Mobile Room, Interactive Environments and Music Sharing.

Just before Christmas I received a newsletter from MEDEA (a centre for collaborative media at Malmo University) about a project being carried out in a pre-school. Researchers are designing various interactive technologies to allow the children to explore the corporeal experience of sound and music-making. The games and instruments being developed include a visualisation tool that allows participants to see the correlation between vocal qualities and the amount of air in the lungs (I’m a bit sceptical about role of, and need for, visualisation in this one) and ‘The Insect Instrument’ for ‘singing and composing quiet sounds’. The project is still at the pilot stage at the moment, but I’m looking forward to hearing more about its findings as the research develops.

You can read more about the project by clicking on the orange subtitle at the top of this article, or by visiting The Right to your Voice: New Musical Instruments, Environments and Creativity.

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