Amplified Movements

Much of my recent research has been about musical works that sample the sounds of the body.  While my study has focused largely on electroacoustic music, I’ve also gathered examples from pop music, live and performance art, installation, and dance. Earlier today I came across another such dance piece: Onde de Choc, by Ginette Laurin and O Vertigo. The work, created in 2010, uses a long wooden box as a resonator for the sounds of the dancers’ movements. Microphones are used to capture these sounds for further electronic processing. The work also draws on internal bodily sound, especially the heartbeat.

You can read more about Onde de Choc in an interview with Ginette Laurin (in The Chronicle Herald). A short preview of the piece is available on YouTube.

Similar works include Garth Paine’s Escape Velocity (which uses dancers’ movements to trigger electronic and sampled bodily sounds) and Brandon LaBelle’s Notes Toward a Sketch of a Sonic Body (which I wrote about back in September).

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